EDP Wellness offers MNLP Coaching; Lifestyle Coaching, and therapeutic counselling. Coaching differs from therapeutic counselling in that is a future-oriented-, solution- focused approach, based on conversations to achieve your desired outcome. Counselling is a problem-oriented, past-focused approach on fixing what is broken. Coaching is about taking action to make your dreams come true and optimize your potential. It is focused on optimal functioning and creating a better future. Optimal functioning implies you feel at your best, ‘in the flow’, have sustained energy to do what you love. Coaching implies a person has enough ego strength to face reality; move forward and is no longer too bound by trauma from their past. Unresolved trauma cause persons to be stuck and leave them looking back, unable to visualize a future. How do I know whether a client needs counselling or coaching?

MLNP (Multi-Level-Neuro-Processing) Coaching is an integrative mind-body coaching approach, which helps your brain to process and integrate stressful events or emotions. It follows a bottom-up process, focused on grounding you in the here and now. Clients report feeling more ‘present’ and energized, less anxious and able to think more clearly. Lifestyle Coaching is focused on coaching a client to take health-promoting actions, combined with body screening. A very effective coaching journey plots the following roadmap with sign posts to help you achieve your desired outcome. First signpost is to discover where you are at the present moment (present scenario), which necessitates sufficient ego strength to face reality. The next step is to formulate your dream/desired outcome, defining the obstacles/problems that are preventing you from achieving your desired outcome and finally which action steps to take and setting a time frame to it.

– Dr Elize Du Plessis